Frequently Asked Questions

Family Law

Must I pay child support?
Child support is not meant to enrich your ex-spouse or partner, it is intended to provide support for your child(ren).  It is the right of the child(ren) and usually cannot be waived.
My ex is not allowing me to see our child, what are my options?
If there is a valid parenting plan in place you can file a motion in contempt, thus bringing your ex to court for an explanation to the judge.
How will our property be divided if I get a divorce?
The court will look at the a division of the marital property in order to make it a fair and equitable division of the property.  Keep in mind that equitable does not always mean equal.  The court will look at each person’s station in life, needs of that person, what was brought to the marriage and what was added to the marriage.  There are several factors that are taken into account.

Estate Planning

Do I need a will?
Everyone should have a will.  The will describes where your assets will go upon your passing.  If nothing is in place, the court will decide for you.
What is an executor/executrix?
It is a person with whom you have decided will see to it that your wishes are followed through when you pass.  You should choose someone that you trust will be impartial and fulfill your wishes.  A lot of consideration should be made when making this decision.  You should also consider having a successor executor/executrix in the event that the original cannot or will not execute their duties.
What is a living will?
A living will is a document describing how medical treatment will be administered in the event that you become incapacitated.  This is an important document to have as if you are incapacitated and you have no one there to speak on your behalf, you may remain on life support, despite your wishes prior to becoming ill.

Admitted in NH and MA